Lemon balm is a herbaceous plant from the mint family Lamiaceae, native to the Mediterranean, Central Asia and Iran. Its scientific name Melissa Officinalis is derived from Greek word “Melissa” (bee) referring to the ability of plant to attract bees. Lemon balm is not only beloved by bees, but is also highly appreciated by humans. In Acient Greece it was considered as a sacred plant of goddess Artemis, and was used to make the elixir of youth. Lemon balm was the main ingredient in Carmelite water, formulated by the Carmelite nuns from the Abbey of St.Just in the 14th century. The famous herbal extract was sold as headache remedy, but used as a perfume and health tonic for centuries.

Now lemon balm is grown worldwide, its leaves are used as a herb in teas and as a flavouring in ice creams, cheese, meat, poultry and fish dishes, salads and spirits. Lemon balm leaves also are extracted to obtain the oil. It has very clean, fresh delicate lemon scent and is used in perfumes, skin care and medicine. Lemon balm oil acts as an antibacterial, antiviral, antidepressant, antidiabetic, antitumour and antiinflammatory agent.

Lemon balm benefits for skin:

  • provides powerful antioxidant activity, protects against harmful UVA-UVB rays that induce skin damages.
  • balances skin natural sebum production.
  • calms and soothes the skin, treats acne and eczema, heals minor wounds and sunburned skin.
  • serves as natural astringent, tightens the skin and diminishes the appearance of pores.

Lemon balm aroma promotes emotional balance, creates feeling of peace and warmth.

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